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On Approach

Meriden Airport Runway 36 looking North

Meriden Airport

First Air Cargo Delivery in Connecticut - August 14, 1919

Fly-In and Safety Fest

A View of the Flight Line

Sikorsky Blackhawk

On the Meriden Airport Ramp

Civil Air Patrol Cessna 182

Landing at Meriden Airport

Mooney M20J

Over Connecticut in the Fall

North American AT6

Ready for Departure

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A Great Connecticut Airport
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Fly-In Aircraft Contest

Aircraft Judging

Download the Aircraft Judging Registration Form HERE!


Aircraft will be judged as presented.  Normal accumulation of bugs, oil, etc. associated with incoming flight(s) will not lower scoring.  However, if it appears that the plane has a substantial accumulation of debris, dirt, bird droppings, etc. indicating little flight activity or lack of maintenance, scoring will be discounted.


To be judged, pilots must register their aircraft to be considered.  At registration, you will be given a prop card to put on your propeller.  On the prop card will be a yellow sticker.  A minimum of three judges will evaluate each aircraft and initial the sticker.  Judging criteria will be based upon the EAA Judging Standards manual.  All decisions of the judges are final.


 Judged aircraft categories are:
• Grand Champion
• Reserve Grand Champion
• Best Homebuilt
• Best Contemporary (1956-present)
• Best Vintage (1946-1955)
• Best Warbird
• Oldest Antique (up through 1945)
• Ultralight
• Best Special Interest


All aircraft owners are encouraged to put their aircraft on display and be judged. There is a $10 fee to help cover the cost of trophies.  You will be given a prop card to designate your aircraft as eligible for judging.  


Aircraft judging begins at 8:30 A.M.  Judging stops at 1 PM.  Do not wait until the last minute to get your aircraft registered.  Awards will be given at 2 PM.  If the pilot is not on the field, the award will be mailed.


To register your plane or for more information, please call 203-630-2878 or email or visit our website at


You may also download and print the aircraft registration form HERE

Judging Categories and Scoring

  1. Overall Appearance  (1-10)

  6. Cockpit & Cabin (1-10)

  Judging Category


 Make  / Model



  2. Fuselage                     (1-10)

  7. Powerplant / Prop (1-10)

  3. main Lifting Surfaces (1-10)

  8. Finish

  4. Empennage / Pitch & Yaw Surfaces (1-10)

  9. Presentation / Builders Log (1-10)

 0 -  Not Airworthy
 2 -  Poor
 4 -  Average
 6 -  Above Average
 8 -  Excellent
 10 - Perfect
  5. Landing Gear / Brakes (1-10)

  10. Total Points


Judging Contact:
Bob Spaulding
EAA Chapter 27
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